While strolling through Ginza yesterday, I stumbled upon this cute little bakery in an alley behind the Paul Start store.

By the time I wrote this post, the name of the place became lost to me. I just could not place it. Something with bread? With heart ? But I remember there being something antique involved ?

So I ruffled through my receipt, and sure enough, it was Heart Bread Antique. At first I thought it was a doughnut store since most of the bread on sale were made to look like one.

There is a cafe on the second floor. You purchase your bread in the bakery and eat it upstairs. The choice of beverages were limited and the coffee they served was simple black coffee. Two breads and a coffee will cost you about 2000 yen.

The bread tasted good. Not too sweet. And later on I found out they were very well-known for their “Angel’s Chocolate Rings”. Basically bread with chocolate fillings.

If ever you find yourself strolling through Ginza and suddenly feel a craving for some bread rings, this would be the place to visit. This is their address :

3-4-17, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo   OPTICAI 1F.2F
03-6228 -6806
10:00 -21:00
cafe :30 seats , non-smoking

Pics : my own and courtesy of tenkai-japan