This is the first time I ever tried this little cafe nestled behind the famed La Foret building in Harajuku. It feels like you are sitting in a little cosy glass house with its windows that almost go up to the ceiling. Their french-cafe-style chairs make a nice comfortable seat for you sit in while sipping your black coffee or cafe au-lait, made like the french do it (milk and coffee separate) and not like the Americans do it (more like a latte). Today we tried the french toast which was actually very good


The french toast

However, if you are not a smoker, don’t go sit in their main dining area but choose a seat outside. I almost suffocated myself with all the smoke that was circulating in that little glass house.

Would I go back ? Not so sure. I’m a fan of the American latte. But maybe I’ll return for the french toast.

Price : $

Cafe De F.O.B
TOKYO 150-0001
Phone : +813-3796-3664

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