I did get an “Are you sure it’s safe to eat sushi right now?” from my friend when I suggested this sushi place for lunch today. I gave her an affirmative yes.

I’ve gotten pretty exhausted at trying to determine which foods or drinks are radiation free and just decided to surrender my faith to God, or more likely the Japanese government who have confirmed that all food sold in restaurants and supermarkets are radiation free.

The delicious enggawa aburi

So, sushi it is. This bustling conveyer belt sushi restaurant nestled in the back of Meguro atre 2 has always been one of my favorites. Expect long lines during lunch hours but the wait is usually not too long. I love their assortment of aburi (burned) sushi and a definite ‘must try’ is their enggawa aburi which is to die for. Ask the waiters to order it for you if you can’t pick it out from the belt.

And the best thing of all, this plethora of deliciousness comes extra cheap. Once, after a group of five of us cleaned up 20 plates of sushi including some of their most expensive items like toro and uni, we payed a mere 8000 yen.

Price : $$

TOKYO 141-0021
Phone : +813-6408-8400

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  1. Michael Lemuel says:

    What is enggawa? One site calls it halibut, but other sites are more consistant that halibut has a different name. My friend Ai suggested it to me but was unsure of the english name. I want to be 100% sure I have the right fish. So please be as exact as posible.

    1. Bianca says:

      I really have no idea what it is called in english. Let me double check.

  2. OD says:

    Engawa is rippled fluke fin. Fluke (aka summer flounder) is a flat fish, but generally smaller in size than halibut.

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