I wonder why I haven’t stumbled upon this shabu-shabu restaurant any sooner. It seems to be very popular and has branches in Roppongi, Shibuya and Meguro. But everything at its own time, right?


Unlike other traditional shabu-shabu houses, Onyasai serves four types of soup bases to boil your meat and vegetables in : spicy (like Tom yam), soy, sukiyaki and clear (with seaweed). You are allowed 2 choices of soup base. I tried the spicy and clear soup base. The spicy one was absolutely delicious.

A friend also suggested that we order a la carte instead of all-you-can-eat as they serve better beef, so we ordered some vegetables, and their best beef which comes in orders of 2 and costs about 980 yen. I think I finished 4 huge pieces by myself. The minced chicken is also a must.

We ordered some noodles at the end and ate it with the broth that now tasted absolutely delightful with all the fat from our beef now swimming in it.

My verdict for this establishment :  will definitely be back. In fact, I’m sure it will become one of my favorite places. Food is good, the prices reasonable and Oh and they open late,  till midnight on weekdays and till 4 am on weekends. Pretty cool, right ?

Price : $$

3rd floor, Kondo Bldg 2, 7-13-16,
Roppongi, Tokyo
Phone : +813-5775-5081

3 Comments Add yours

  1. ps says:

    take me theree plissss

  2. Maruko says:

    Please describe for me more about the delicious points of the food in this restaurant! Pls!!!!!!!!

    1. Bianca says:

      Hahahaha I’ll try Maruko

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