If you live in Tokyo, you probably know about this Japanese-Italian restaurant chain spread around Tokyo. Their pasta is cheap (under 1000 yen for lunch) and absolutely delicious. My favorite is their mentaiko (spicy cod roe) pasta which is creamy and absolutely delectable. Second to that would be their steamed chicken pasta with green onion, spinach and sesame oil. Really fresh.

La Boheme Shiroganei Branch
The mentaiko pasta

What you definitely have to order is their Gorgonzola Pizza with honey which is simply the best pizza ever. Whoever thought of the recipe is a genius in my book.

Gorgonzola pizza with honey

Although I’ve tried a few of their restaurants, my favorite is the one in Shiroganei which feels really grand. (First picture above).

They also open late (up until 3.30 am) and can be the perfect place to go to if ever you are in need of a midnight bite.

Price : $

1F, 2F 4-19-17 Shirokanedai Minato-ku,
Tokyo 108-0071
Phone : +813-3442-4060

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