It’s about time Tokyu Hands opened a cafe in their Shibuya store. The cafe is conveniently named Hands cafe. Now, I won’t have to stand idly in a corner for hours while my guests shop their massive store. Now, I can just head up to the 7th floor and enjoy a cup of coffee while waiting.

The interior of the cafe was a pleasant surprise. Unlike the rather sterile and supermarket-like interior of the store, the cafe was warm with lots of wood and accessories that created a rather cozy and homey feel. It somehow reminded me of the Muji cafe. There was a round table for share in the middle and some tables on the side.

Outside, a small terrace adorned with cactuses for sale added some intrigue to the interior.

The menu was simple, composed of some sandwiches and waffles, and the prices were  reasonable. I tried the tuna sandwich and banana waffle which was good, as was the coffee.

I actually really like the place. A perfect place to hangout in Shibuya.

Price : $

12-18 Udagawa-cho,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone :  +813-5489-5111

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