Ecstatic is the perfect word to describe my feelings about discovering this restaurant tucked in a corner of the third floor of the Marunouchi Brick Square Building. Anthemble has the perfect mix of ingredients that makes a restaurant great ; authentically delicious food, good location, warm interior, cheap prices and good service.

You almost forget you are in Tokyo upon entering this restaurant with its warm wooden floors and dark furnishing. The perfect view towards the Marunouchi Brick Square makes you feel you are somewhere in Europe instead of the midst of bustling Tokyo.

Their set lunch menu costs 1000 yen and you have five choices including laksa and  Singapore style chicken curry. The highlight is their Hainan chicken rice. You have choices of steamed or roasted chicken. The roasted one seems to be more popular since it was sold out when we arrived around 1 pm.

I chose the steamed Hainan chicken rice and to be honest, I was expecting a mediocre attempt at Singaporean food whose blandness would be nicely swallowed by the restaurants wonderful surroundings. I was however quite mistaken. The food was actually very good. I am Asian, so I know my Asian food. The chicken rice was tasty and the chili sauce spicy. My friend ordered a Laksa and that too tasted authentic.

I almost passed on desert since I finished the whole set of chicken rice but could not resist their almond jelly. Thank God for that, because their almond jelly with avocado puree is simply out of this world. I don’t think I’ve ever used so many mmmmm’s and yummmm’s in one dessert helping. It really was absolutely exquisite. If you aren’t into Asian food than drop by at tea time for this. It’s really worth it.

So today, I have an intensely happy tummy, which makes me intensely happy.

Price : $-$$

Marunouchi 2-6-1, Brick Square 3F.
Open 11am-10pm daily.
Phone : +813-5220-1923


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