Sinfully Delicious Pancakes

I’m always ecstatic when I find delicious food to share here on my blog. Yesterday, during a stroll through the back streets of Aoyama, I just happened to stumble upon Deux Anges, a cafe that served the most delicious pancakes I’ve ever tried.

The cafe is pretty and nice in a girly kind of way with an outdoor terrace, perfect for the mild weather we are having right now. I was actually just looking for a place to have coffee, but couldn’t resist their pancake menu and ordered this :

The caramel pancake with banana I ordered was so sinfully delicious. The batter was so subtle, soft and moist it melts in your mouth in all the right ways.

They did not have an extensive coffee menu, only regular black coffee and cafe au lait. The coffee was just so-so if not on the rather stale side.

They also have a waffles menu and lunch and dinner menus composed of mostly french bistro style food. I’m not sure about the food, I will have to go back and try it, and maybe try some waffles..but oh, the pancakes. How can I resist the pancakes ???!!!.

Price : $

TOKYO 150-0001
Phone : +813-6427-7075

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ms. A says:

    Wow, your blog is so COOL, many useful information, I love all the posts!
    I am happy to find your blog coz I will go to Tokyo during Christmas, a good reference.

    1. Bianca says:

      Thank u Ms. A. I hope you have fun in Tokyo !!!

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