I ended up having lunch at this small dim sum (or yam-cha as the Japanese call it) restaurant on the 11th floor of Mitsukoshi Ginza during a quest to find a good, reasonable restaurant worth bringing guests to in the Ginza area.

They had two choices of lunch menus : The Brown Rice Porridge Set that cost 2300 yen and the modern dim sum set for 3200 yen.

I decided to try the brown rice porridge set while my friends tried the other. Here is what my lunch set looked like :

Salad appetizer
Three choices of steamed dim sum
Fried dim sum
Chinese medicine soup
Brown rice porridge

For the modern dim sum set, there were these two extra dishes : (the noodles were delicious)

Stir fried soft shell shrimp with sweet chili sauce
Szechuan sesame spicy noodles

I imagined the soup and porridge to be the perfect comfort food when feeling under the weather, but I have to admit that it is not the most spectacular dim sum I have ever tasted. Yet, it is still a nice choice if you happen to be in the Ginza area and are craving for a little yam-cha.

Price : $

Mitsukoshi Ginza 11th floor.
Ginza, Tokyo.
Phone : +813-3561-7091

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