This is not the first time I’ve dined at Azzure 45, the cosy French fine-dining restaurant at the Ritz Carlton Midtown, but it is my first lunch there. Lets just call it a post birthday lunch with my husband.

I’ve always loved the food there and yesterday it was bright enough for me to take nice pictures. The view is always spectacular from the 45th floor and this restaurants has a perfect view of the Tokyo tower.

Mid-day bubblies

Azzure 45 has a 10.000 yen 7 course tasting menu lunch or you have choices of 3,4 and 5 course menus starting at yen. My husband chose the 5 course menu, I chose the 3 course menu and here is what we had :

Burdock soup. Crispy Burdock, autumn truffles and chestnuts
Zuwai crab. Crustacean essence, turnip mile-feuille


Fresh foie gras. Pan fried, autumn fruits, citrus marmalade
Japanese beef fillet. sautéed, mushroom puree, root vegetables with three wine sauce.
Lamb. Roasted, Butter squash puree, hazelnut butter, coffee flavored Lamb Jus

And for dessert :

A lovely chocolate mousse
A petite strawberry miele-feuille
With a lovely cup of coffee to end things.

It was a wonderful lunch. Being a truffle fan, I particularly loved the burdock soup. Everything else was delicious as well but the portions were kind of small, so if you’re hungry, opt for the larger courses.

Price : $$$

Azzure 45.
Tokyo Midtown, 9-7-1 Akasaka,
Minato-ku, Tokyo.
Phone : +813-3423-8000

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  1. Redterrain says:

    Great photographs, your meal looks superb!

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