Golden View

The building that houses this cafe in Hibiya Park is so bland and unassuming, I would have walked straight by if I did not notice its lovely terrace. IMG_2579

It was during the turning of the autumn leaves a few days ago and Matsumatoro’s terrace had amazing  unobstructed views of the magnificent old ginkgo trees that adorn Hibiya Park. The glittering afternoon sun that illuminated the golden leaves when I visited created such a magical view, I decided to brave the cold and sit outside.

I wasn’t expecting too much in terms of food quality but I was pleasantly surprised. Later on I heard that Matsumotoro is very well-known for their curry buffet lunches but in the afternoon, the serve a  mouth-watering cake set.

You are presented with a tray of dazzling pastries to choose from. It comes with regular coffee or tea but you need to pay extra if you want a latte or cafe au lait.

IMG_2583Picking out my pastry of choice from all the wonderful options presented wasn’t an easy task. I finally decided on the irresistible strawberry short-cake while my friend opted for the coffee jelly.

Heavenly delight
Heavenly delight

The strawberry short-cake was heavenly as the picture above clearly illustrates. Soft and moist with just the right amount of sugar, it simply melts away in your mouth.

IMG_2585If coffee jellies are your thing then this one is absolutely gratifying. Bittersweet in all the right ways.

Finally, I leave you with a lovely picture of the Hibiya pond just around the corner. Matsumotoro is definitely an oasis amidst Tokyo’s chaos. I’m so glad I stumbled upon it.


Price : $

Hibiya Park 1-2 Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo, Japan
Phone : +813-3503-1451

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