Cheap and Cheerful Shabu-Shabu

Back from the holidays !. Time to update this blog and what better way to fight this cold weather than with some delicious and cheap shabu-shabu at Shabuzen.


This cozy restaurant is located in the 2nd basement of the Ginza Core buildingon the Ginza main street. They  have another restaurant on the 2nd floor with regular tables but the one in the basement is more interesting. The shabu-shabu is served bar style, You have your own steamed pot to dip your beef and vegetables in.


There are some lunch sets in the 1300 yen to 3300 yen range and they have an english menu. I usually take the Beef lunch which costs 1680 yen and consists of a big plate of meat and some vegetables.


You mix your own sauces and your beef and vegetables is accompanied by a hot bowl of rice. The taste to be honest is not exactly spectacular, but for the price, it certainly is a cheap and cheerful meal.

Price: $

Ginza Core Building Basement 2.
Ginza Chuo Dori.
Phone : +813-3571-1717


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  1. Ms. A says:

    I love Shabu-Shabu (we called it “Hot-Pot” in Hong Kong) esp. in winter, it made me feel warm and satisfied.

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