I am going to take yet another detour today and write about this lovely little restaurant in Kyoto where I had a uniquely wonderful lunch a few weeks ago.  2013-03-11 13.24.38

Everything about this restaurant from the adorable wooden building in the Gion district of Kyoto to the intricately prepared meal was absolutely breath-taking. I don’t say ‘breath-taking’ a lot in my reviews, but Takumi Okumura is in a class of its own. A friend recommended this French-Japanese style restaurant for my day trip to Kyoto and I will be forever grateful.

2013-03-11 11.39.51

A most elaborate tray of tiny appetizers in various designs and colors was presented to us and I simply could not stop marveling over the creativeness of this display.

2013-03-11 11.46.24

2013-03-11 11.45.41A sensational dish of seasonal fish with a crunchy freshness followed.

2013-03-11 11.58.15Then came a lovely cup of cawan mushi (egg custard) in delicate blue and white china.

2013-03-11 12.05.19Succeeded by another seafood dish of fish and clam.

2013-03-11 12.15.36And no, we are not done yet, another lovely cup of cream soup came afterward.

2013-03-11 12.27.36And no, we are still not done, the last and main course was some luscious beef accompanied with the most decent bowl of curry rice.

2013-03-11 12.37.09Our waitress then came with a wondrous tray of dessert from which we were supposed to pick our dessert of choice. When I told her I wanted everything, she offered to give me mini portions of everything to which I joyfully accepted.

2013-03-11 13.00.18Thus, our delicious meal ends and I have to say this splendor actually came at a somewhat reasonable price for Japan. Lunch for 4 was around 32,000 yen.

I hope you noticed the ever-changing exquisite plates in which our food was presented in. I loved them. I loved our meal and I love this restaurant.

Price : $$$

570-6 Gion Machi Minamigawa,
Phone : +817-5541-2205




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