Brunch everyday is the concept of this cute little restaurant in Roppongi near the Tokyo Midtown establishment. It is relatively new and the cosy design of this establishment has been pulling me in every time I pass by. IMG_5497I finally walked in for lunch a couple of days ago and loved the design of the place. A small dining room is laid out around a cosy fire-place.

IMG_5499Standard brunch dishes are on the menu and here is what we had.

Nordic salmon with fried egg
Nordic salmon with fried egg
Grilled chicken and eggs
Grilled chicken and eggs

But it is these babies that are the highlight of my visit…

Heavenly brioche french toast
Heavenly brioche french toast

The brunch food was just standard but the french toast was to die for!. I have never tasted a french toast so perfectly moist and delicious. A unanimous vote was cast by me and my two other lunch friends. This is definitely the best french toast in town.

Price: $

Address 4-2-35 Roppongi,
Minato-ku, Tokyo
phone : +813-3470-6551
Open : Mon-Fri 10am-3.30pm, 6pm-midnight; Sat, Sun & hols 9am-midnight

One Comment Add yours

  1. Ms. A says:

    the french toast in HK usually is very oily, but this one looks great, perfectly cooked.

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