Located in the middle of an upper class residential area, the street leading towards it dark except for the illuminated entrance, Kogentey is a welcomed oasis in the heart of Sakurashinmachi. Two restaurants and a cafe built as warm wooden structures sit in its lovely compound. You don’t find this kind of architecture a lot in Tokyo.


The first restaurant is the “Konamon” where they serve okonomiyaki (japanese style pizza).


The second is a dessert shop “Yukinoshita”  (the hut on the right in the picture below) where they serve a variety of desserts.


The third, is the “Kogentey” which is a teppanyaki restaurant where I will have dinner today.

I loved the entrance with its gorgeous lighting. You really feel like you are entering a different world in this compound.


There are only 2 private rooms where the chef can cook live in front of you. The rests are just regular tables like the picture below.


Since it’s a teppanyaki restaurant, I feel like it is always better to have the chef cook live in front of you as part of the entertainment. Below is a picture of the room I booked.


I have a certain weakness for special menus. I chose the “Natsu Tora” for my meal which means Summer Tiger. It is part of their summer menu and the only difference from their signature menu is that they had lobster on the list. No hesitation, I chose this one.

Photo Aug 10, 20 05 38

The first to arrive from the set menu was the Gazpacho,  a cold tomato based soup made from raw vegetables originally from the southern Spanish region of Andalusia.

Photo Aug 10, 20 11 31

Second is the Hors d’oeuvre, Fish with summer vegetables.

Photo Aug 10, 20 21 30

Third, the chef showed us the ingredients of the Poisson, Lobster, Sea Urchin, and Scallop. All fresh.

Photo Aug 10, 20 27 54

She grilled the lobster and scallops first and used the sea urchin as a sauce she poured on top.
It was the ocean on a plate and tasted heavenly.

Photo Aug 10, 20 38 52

After the seafood, we moved on to the Viande, Oumi Beef from Shiga perfecture,

Photo Aug 10, 20 42 33

Fried garlic, asparagus, eggplant and wasabi were served as the sides.

Photo Aug 10, 20 54 17

Soumen, a kind of Japanese noodle from Akita prefecture served cold came last.

Photo Aug 10, 21 11 23

The dessert was a pannacotta with passion fruit sauce. A refreshing tropical summer dessert.

Photo Aug 10, 21 22 52

From all the dishes I loved the lobster the best. It truly was amazing.

Other than that, I would recommend this place for its unique atmosphere. An oasis in the middle of bustling Tokyo.

Price: $$$

4-14-1 Tsurumaki, Setagaya-ku,
Tokyo, 154-0016
Phone : +813-3425-0393

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