If you happen to be looking for a nice lunch spot in the Yurakucho area, consider dropping by Mame-cha located on the 8th floor of the Lumine department store building. Its located under a cinema and relatively new on this floor.

Photo Jun 18, 14 13 01

They have a variety of different choices in the set menu, allowing you to pick the food that you like and leaving out the ones you don’t.

Photo Jun 18, 13 46 28

The style of the interior was very modern Japanese. Simple with light wood accents.

Photo Jun 18, 13 34 18

You pick your main dish from the menu and while waiting for your meal to arrive, there is an appetizer buffet elegantly designed like a capsule. You can choose three dishes of appetizers and dessert, all dessert or all appetizers as long as it is 3 dishes. Everything looked so inviting, it took me awhile to decide which appetizers to pick.

Photo Jun 18, 13 28 44

They had an interesting tea selection in the buffet, from grape tea to black bean tea. I tried a sip of them all and loved the grape tea flavor.

My pick from the buffet was 2 appetizers and 1 dessert. You could choose all dessert if you want. My dessert was a green tea cake.

Photo Jun 18, 13 30 57

My choice of main course today was a simple grilled fish. Nice and healthy.

Photo Jun 18, 13 32 39

The lunch menu costs 1500 yen ++ and it is just the right size so you wont get sleepy for work in the afternoon.

Good lunch spot!

Price : $

〒100-0006 Tokyo, Chiyoda, Yurakucho, 2 Chome−5−1,
LUMINE Yurakucho 8F
PHONE : +813-6267-4775

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