Lunch at Japan’s Iron Chef Restaurant Rokusaburo Michiba

Kaishoku Michiba is another one of those old school restaurants, loved by the older generation, where iron chef Rokusaburo Michiba’s roast beef bowl is to die for.

Photo Oct 16, 13 04 51

The restaurant is located in Ginza with an easy to spot facade as pictured above.

Photo Oct 16, 12 19 14

The elevator lobby interior had a vintage yet homey ambiance.

Photo Oct 16, 12 58 49

As you can see the restaurant attracts an older more conservative crowd.

I made a last-minute reservation and could not be accommodated at the dining area, they offered me the bar counter which was rather narrow yet cozy.

Photo Oct 16, 12 18 55

You might have some problem deciphering the menu.

Photo Oct 16, 12 19 44

Since it is my second time here, I’ve decided to order the roast beef again.

Photo Oct 16, 12 28 52

The lovely appetizer plate consisted of five seasonal items. The roast cheese is always in the serving and is my favorite.

Photo Oct 16, 12 36 56

As I mentioned before, the roast beef main course is simply to die for. We fell silent until we finished the whole serving.

Photo Oct 16, 12 48 26

For dessert, they had a mix berry pannacotta which was just the right size.

I like this restaurant. The food is just the right size, right price and great taste. It’s one of those places I would recommend to my friends.

The whole lunch menu costs 5000 yen (approx. 45 dollars at current rate) and is a good place to go for lunch.

Price $$

CHUO-KU, TOKYO 104-0061
PHONE: +813-5537-6300


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  1. Kwan says:

    Nice food blog! It’s hard to find good food blog in english on tokyo food scene. Thanks for sharing!

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