Singaporean Chicken Rice Comes to Tokyo!

Wee Nam Kee is a famous Singaporean restaurant that opened its doors in Tokyo this year. I saw news about the opening on TV and decided to pay them a visit. The restaurant is actually located in an office area, however it is housed in a stand alone building surrounded by greenery that makes this place a hidden oasis.

Photo Nov 29, 14 33 05

Above and below are pictures of their entrance and logo.

Photo Nov 29, 14 31 37

The lunch menu as you can see in the picture below is relatively cheap with quite a few options.

Photo Nov 29, 13 42 57

For appetizer, I tried the fried prawns & fish minced tempura served with mayonnaise sauce.

Photo Nov 29, 14 00 45

And the sambal Kang Kong, a chinese vegetable served with prawn paste and chili sauce called “sambal”


Photo Nov 29, 14 01 50

I also tried their Golden Prawns, as you can see in the picture below.They are fried with their heads to maintain the flavor.

Photo Nov 29, 14 03 44

The main star and the reason for the lines that are still forming at this restaurant is of course the chicken rice. The best so far in Tokyo. Unlike most other places, they did not adjust the taste to make it more “Japanese”. Their taste remains authentic.

Normally when eating chicken rice, you have to choose between roasted and steamed chicken,  but here  you get both in one plate! Such a delightful menu.


Photo Nov 29, 14 08 48

I also like the ambiance of the restaurant. It is very spacious and cozy, time just seems to fly by as you sit there and enjoy your meal.


Photo Nov 29, 14 31 13

Outdoor seats are also available on their terrace during spring to autumn with nice greenery. It truly is an oasis in the middle of an urban city.

Photo Nov 29, 14 32 22

Below is  a picture of their terrace.

Photo Nov 29, 14 32 35

Overall i would say that Wee Nam Kee is a nice and affordable place and I would go back if I ever crave for chicken rice.

Price $$

Tamachi Granpark PlazaShibaura 3-4-1, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 105-0023
Tel. +813-5439-9120

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