We are going to travel to Hokkaido today to a tiny town called Otaru where we will discover one of it’s hidden treasures, Takara Sushi. Takara means treasure in Japanese.

Otaru is a tiny little town in Hokkaido on the way to the well known ski resort Niseko. This sushi restaurant is a bit off the Otaru Canal main street where the crowds are.

The exterior is very simple and made to look like a treasure box.

Photo Dec 18, 18 27 28

Inside, the restaurant has a great exclusive counter table seating 8 people with a nice ambiance and lighting. They also have regular tables available.


Photo Dec 18, 17 33 49

We picked the “omakase” menu which means the chef’s recommendation. They serve the basic sushis : squid, tuna, salmon, prawn and crab.

Photo Dec 18, 17 49 05

They also serve the seasonal fishes and seafood like abalone, more crabs because I love it, conger eel, and eggs.

Photo Dec 18, 17 51 18

Then we tried to order some “aburi” sushi that’s slightly grilled on top. The salt they sprinkled on top of it was extremely delicious.

Photo Dec 18, 18 00 16

All that sushi wasn’t enough to relief our hunger so we ordered more ikura (salmon roe) and uni (sea urchin).

Photo Dec 18, 18 14 36

The quality of the sushi here was really high in terms of freshness and taste. There was nothing special in the presentation but after trying out some other sushi establishments in town, Takara sushi is definitely the best.

Price $$

1-9-18 Hanazono Flower Garden Bldg.
Otaru Hokkaido 047-0024
Phone: +811-3423-7925

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