THE BEST FRENCH TOAST IN TOWN. Brunch everyday is the concept of this cute little restaurant in Roppongi near the Tokyo Midtown establishment. It is relatively new and the cosy design of this establishment has been pulling me in every time I pass by.


COFFEE SHOP I am not exactly a big coffee enthusiast. I drink 2 cups of lattes a day and its usually from my nespresso machine, but this little vintage coffee shop deserves a place in my blog.


THE NEW HANDS CAFE IN SHIBUYA It’s about time Tokyu Hands opened a cafe in their Shibuya store. The cafe is conveniently named Hands cafe.


A SUNDAY BRUNCH, CHINESE STYLE It’s not easy finding a good, authentic Chinese restaurant in Tokyo. After awhile, you just decide to let go of the authentic part and just settle for what’s good. Toh-ka-lin, a cozy Chinese restaurant on the second floor of the Okura Hotel I find to be one of those places.


Once in a blue moon, I’d walk into a place and immediately fall in love with it. Then I’d sit down and fall in love with it even more. Such was the case with Brooklyn Parlor, a cafe and bar located in the basement of the Marui Annex in Shinjuku.


COFFE AND PASTRIES I have meant to drop by this cafe since like forever but somehow only made it today. I’ve always wondered what the mega brand’s cafe would be like. It definitely did not disappoint.


AFTERNOON COFFEE  IN HARAJUKU This is the first time I ever tried this little cafe nestled behind the famed La Foret building in Harajuku. It feels like you are sitting in a little cosy glass house with its windows that almost go up to the ceiling.