The Best Mille Feuille in Town Ok, I have definitely found the winner for best mille feuille in town and the award goes to Henri Charpentier’s caramel mille feuille stack.


Thanksgiving Dinner at THE OAK DOOR It is not easy finding a restaurant serving Thanksgiving dinner in Tokyo. Not that many do. I love turkey and I love turkey stuffing but I was a little too late at trying to get a reservation.


Sinfully Delicious Pancakes I’m always ecstatic when I find delicious food to share here on my blog. Yesterday, during a stroll through the back streets of Aoyama, I just happened to stumble upon Deux Anges, a cafe that served the most delicious pancakes I’ve ever tried.

CAFE 1849

GOING BACK IN TIME AT CAFE 1849   You don’t find places like this a lot in bustling, modern Tokyo. High ceilings, dark wood, intricate details and a wonderful waste of highly valued space. Walking into this cafe nestled in a corner of the Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum is highly refreshing.


THE NEW HANDS CAFE IN SHIBUYA It’s about time Tokyu Hands opened a cafe in their Shibuya store. The cafe is conveniently named Hands cafe.