Sukiyaki If you feel like dining on sukiyaki the traditional way and can stand sitting crossed leg on the floor for an hour or so, then Hiyama  in Nihonbashi would be the perfect restaurant for you.


Cheap and Cheerful Shabu-Shabu Back from the holidays !. Time to update this blog and what better way to fight this cold weather than with some delicious and cheap shabu-shabu at Shabuzen.


This has got to be one of the most creative French-Japanese restaurants in town.  Chef Narisawa always awes me with his many creations, inspired by nature. Dining here is always a treat.


  This place is really old school. Its been around for years and I’ve been frequenting this restaurants since my first visit to Tokyo about 8 years ago. The interior of Seryna is rather old-fashioned but I always frequent a place for its food, not its decor.


This would be the restaurant to go to if you are looking for some excellent sukiyaki. Established well over a hundred years ago in 1895, Imahan has about 10 restaurants serving sukiyaki, shabu-shabu and steak courses specializing in Imahan beef.


SOME SAKE, SOME BEEF, SOME HOT BROTH AND THE BEST SESAME SAUCE EVER… What better way to spend a chilly winter evening than to dine on some tasty shabu-shabu or Japanese hot-pot. Our restaurant of choice this time was IMAFUKU in Shirokane who had just opened it’s doors to the public on January 23, 2012.


BEING REALLY ADVENTUROUS Ok, I know I’ve said that my new years resolution is to try new restaurants every day but yesterday evening turned out to be a really adventurous dinner.


DINING IN NINJA STYLE… I always have fun whenever I come to this theme restaurant and I love bringing guests here. Young or old, they always enjoy themselves. It’s a place where food and entertainment are packaged in style. Ninja Style.


I wonder why I haven’t stumbled upon this shabu-shabu restaurant any sooner. It seems to be very popular and has branches in Roppongi, Shibuya and Meguro. But everything at its own time, right?