Let me introduce you to my new favorite ramen!. I visited their tiny restaurant in Ginza and fell immediately in love. Abura soba’s noodles are different.


ANOTHER GEM OF A RESTAURANT IN NISEKO Once again I will be straying away from Tokyo for this post. Just came back from another weekend of skiing in Niseko and it is slowly becoming a food mecca for me. I found another gem of a restaurant that I just have to share with you.


Update on April 12,2013. Sadly this charming restaurant was burnt down in an unexpected fire a few months ago and is now closed. They say they renovating to reopen in a year or so. I really do hope so.


SOBA THAT MAKES YOUR SOUL SMILE Once in a while, during my culinary journey in Japan, I would stumble upon restaurants that simply makes your soul smile.


We’ve been looking around for a nice little soba restaurant for awhile and finally decided on this restaurant in Azabujuban after browsing the internet. It had an english menu on its website which made things a lot easier.