We are going to travel to Hokkaido today to a tiny town called Otaru where we will discover one of it’s hidden treasures, Takara Sushi. Takara means treasure in Japanese. Otaru is a tiny little town in Hokkaido on the way to the well known ski resort Niseko. This sushi restaurant is a bit off the Otaru…


Dry aged beef from the west.
Tajimaya is a famous restaurant from Osaka well known for serving dried aged beef. Finally it opened a branch in tokyo at the Toranomon Hills some time ago. The queue to get into the restaurant has been amazingly long when it first opened and there was a 2 week waiting list to get in to the restaurant the first couple of months after it opened.


I guess no blog about food in Tokyo would be complete without writing about this celebrated sushi place. Ever since David Gelb’s documentary film “Jiro Dreams of Sushi ” was released in 2011, the hype of this Michelin 3 star establishment hit a global high resulting in more foreign visitors than local.


People always ask me about Nobu in Tokyo. They wonder if it’s menu is similar to its more famous counterparts in Los Angeles or New York or anywhere else in the world. Is it good ? Is it worth a visit ?. So, I decided to give it try.


Roppongi, Friendly Sushi At first I was somewhat skeptical of this sushi restaurant hidden in a small alley in Roppongi. The website was very english friendly and a lot of tourists wrote reviews about this restaurant that I was slightly afraid it would be a tourist trap. Luckily this was not the case.


  Long lines are a definite view during lunch and dinner hours in front of this little sushi restaurant behind the Imperial Hotel. I had to visit during odd hours (around 3 pm) to finally secure a seat.


  After failing many times to get reservations at Sukiyabashi Jiro (the original one) because I was a foreigner and being suspiciously glared at by the chef in sushi Mizutani, the warm welcome at the Kyubei in Ginza was a nice change.


This would be the restaurant to go to if you are looking for some excellent sukiyaki. Established well over a hundred years ago in 1895, Imahan has about 10 restaurants serving sukiyaki, shabu-shabu and steak courses specializing in Imahan beef.


LUNCH SUSHI MIDORI I did get an “Are you sure it’s safe to eat sushi right now?” from my friend when I suggested this sushi place for lunch today. I gave her an affirmative yes.