TEMPURA WITH A TWIST I was completely charmed by this lovely family-runTempura restaurant in Roppongi. Their tempura was somewhat different from what I’ve been used to.


ANOTHER GEM OF A RESTAURANT IN NISEKO Once again I will be straying away from Tokyo for this post. Just came back from another weekend of skiing in Niseko and it is slowly becoming a food mecca for me. I found another gem of a restaurant that I just have to share with you.


MY FAVORITE TEMPURA IN TOKYO I have written about this restaurant before in my other blog as one of the ‘must try’ restaurants in Tokyo. A year has passed, many other Tempura restaurants have been visited yet Shimizu remains my favorite.


  I have difficulty when trying to differentiate one tempura restaurant from the rest. My taste buds are probably not sophisticated enough to characterize the quality of the tempura batter or the freshness of the seafood.