It’s been awhile since this blog was updated and I hope the next few posts will make up for it. A recent trip to Tokyo allowed me to try a few new restaurants worthy of this blog. The first is this top-notch Teppanyaki restaurant nestled on the 3rd floor of an unassuming building in the…


Located in the middle of an upper class residential area, the street leading towards it dark except for the illuminated entrance, Kogentey is a welcomed oasis in the heart of Sakurashinmachi.


  This restaurant calls itself a “French Teppanyaki” restaurant so I was rather intrigued to find out what that meant. Ahill has a branch in nishi-azabu but I visited the one at the Velvia building in Ginza a few days ago for lunch with some friends.


Teppanyaki at Hotel Okura “Old school but still cool” would be the perfect sentence to describe this teppanyaki restaurant on the 11th floor of hotel Okura. The interior is vintage as is their food presentation but nevertheless, their teppanyaki is very good and reasonably priced.


Delicious Steak I’m so glad I found this Japanese steak house in Azabujuban. I loved everything about it from the minute I walked in for lunch a few days ago. The opulent interior, the relaxed atmosphere, the wonderful service all contributed to an excellent lunch.


I’ve written about this restaurant before in as one of ‘must try’ restaurants in Tokyo last year.


A NIGHT FULL OF SURPRISES I’ve had Teppanyaki many times before and in many different restaurants. Some mediocre, some good, some extremely delicious. I’ve even had teppanyaki at the charming Ukai-tei branch in Omotesando.