Finally I got the chance to blog about my most favorite kaiseki restaurant in town, Kadowaki. This is actually my third visit to the restaurant but the first two were rather formal dinner invitations where taking pictures of my food and making notes probably would not have been appreciated.


  Truffles have always held the top spot on my list of favorite foods, right up there next to honey. ┬áSo when I found this restaurant that serves all things truffles up to its desserts, I was naturally overjoyed.


A RARE JEWEL IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Ok, this restaurant I’m going to write about is not in Tokyo. It is way out in the middle of Hokkaido. I’m going to stray a little from this blogs theme just because I am so excited and simply have to share this with you.


A NIGHT FULL OF SURPRISES I’ve had Teppanyaki many times before and in many different restaurants. Some mediocre, some good, some extremely delicious. I’ve even had teppanyaki at the charming Ukai-tei branch in Omotesando.