It’s been awhile since this blog was updated and I hope the next few posts will make up for it. A recent trip to Tokyo allowed me to try a few new restaurants worthy of this blog. The first is this top-notch Teppanyaki restaurant nestled on the 3rd floor of an unassuming building in the…


Singaporean Chicken Rice Comes to Tokyo! Wee Nam Kee is a famous Singaporean restaurant that opened its doors in Tokyo this year. I saw news about the opening on TV and decided to pay them a visit. The restaurant is actually located in an office area, however it is housed in a stand alone building…


I have never really written about a bar in my blog before but this ‘bar’ definitely deserves a place here. I’m not sure what to call this place really. A ‘bar’ doesn’t really suit it, but it does serve cocktails so technically it is a bar. Well anyway, Gen Yamamoto is amazing.


Dry aged beef from the west.
Tajimaya is a famous restaurant from Osaka well known for serving dried aged beef. Finally it opened a branch in tokyo at the Toranomon Hills some time ago. The queue to get into the restaurant has been amazingly long when it first opened and there was a 2 week waiting list to get in to the restaurant the first couple of months after it opened.


STEAK HOUSE If I was asked to name my pick for best restaurant in Tokyo to this date then it would be this little place. Makoto. Hidden in a small dark alley in Nihonbashi, you would never guess the quality of food that comes from this little steakhouse that sits about 10 people.


Chocolatier I could not wait to share my newfound haven of chocolate dwellings. Pierre Marcolini is a tiny chocolate shop in one of the back streets of Ginza. I have passed it many times and simply dismissed it as a glamorous little chocolatier you go to when in need of gifts.


The Best Mille Feuille in Town Ok, I have definitely found the winner for best mille feuille in town and the award goes to Henri Charpentier’s caramel mille feuille stack.


Delicious Steak I’m so glad I found this Japanese steak house in Azabujuban. I loved everything about it from the minute I walked in for lunch a few days ago. The opulent interior, the relaxed atmosphere, the wonderful service all contributed to an excellent lunch.


Golden View The building that houses this cafe in Hibiya Park is so bland and unassuming, I would have walked straight by if I did not notice its lovely terrace.


Sinfully Delicious Pancakes I’m always ecstatic when I find delicious food to share here on my blog. Yesterday, during a stroll through the back streets of Aoyama, I just happened to stumble upon Deux Anges, a cafe that served the most delicious pancakes I’ve ever tried.

CAFE 1849

GOING BACK IN TIME AT CAFE 1849   You don’t find places like this a lot in bustling, modern Tokyo. High ceilings, dark wood, intricate details and a wonderful waste of highly valued space. Walking into this cafe nestled in a corner of the Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum is highly refreshing.


THE NEW HANDS CAFE IN SHIBUYA It’s about time Tokyu Hands opened a cafe in their Shibuya store. The cafe is conveniently named Hands cafe.