We are going to travel to Hokkaido today to a tiny town called Otaru where we will discover one of it’s hidden treasures, Takara Sushi. Takara means treasure in Japanese. Otaru is a tiny little town in Hokkaido on the way to the well known ski resort Niseko. This sushi restaurant is a bit off the Otaru…


Singaporean Chicken Rice Comes to Tokyo! Wee Nam Kee is a famous Singaporean restaurant that opened its doors in Tokyo this year. I saw news about the opening on TV and decided to pay them a visit. The restaurant is actually located in an office area, however it is housed in a stand alone building…


Lunch at Japan’s Iron Chef Restaurant Rokusaburo Michiba Kaishoku Michiba is another one of those old school restaurants, loved by the older generation, where iron chef Rokusaburo Michiba’s roast beef bowl is to die for.


I can finally recommend a yakiniku restaurant for those who zest for beef without being deceived by the seasoning, Kunimoto. It is located a few steps away from Hamamatucho station.


  I am thrilled to be sharing with you my latest discovery,  a wonderful little french restaurant serenely and fashionably nestled somewhere behind the Prada flagship store in Omotesando/Aoyama.


People always ask me about Nobu in Tokyo. They wonder if it’s menu is similar to its more famous counterparts in Los Angeles or New York or anywhere else in the world. Is it good ? Is it worth a visit ?. So, I decided to give it try.


Teppanyaki at Hotel Okura “Old school but still cool” would be the perfect sentence to describe this teppanyaki restaurant on the 11th floor of hotel Okura. The interior is vintage as is their food presentation but nevertheless, their teppanyaki is very good and reasonably priced.


  Set amidst the beautiful gardens of Roppongi midtown, cafe Canoviano’s modern, rectangular structure will surely catch your eye. In compliance with its design, this Italian cafe serves simple Italian food made with fresh ingredients.


  Now, if you are from Indonesia, you will probably have a smile on your face right now because the name if this yakiniku restaurant in Roppongi is the same as a Japanese porn star who is absolutely huge in Indonesia.


 A LOVELY SAKURA LUNCH, NAKAMEGURO This is one Italian restaurant to consider if you are planning to have a lunch or dinner with lovely views of the blooming sakura trees.