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I have never really written about a bar in my blog before but this ‘bar’ definitely deserves a place here. I’m not sure what to call this place really. A ‘bar’ doesn’t really suit it, but it does serve cocktails so technically it is a bar. Well anyway, Gen Yamamoto is amazing. Continue reading “GEN YAMAMOTO”


A Hidden Gem in Niseko

A recent ski trip to Niseko in Hokkaido allowed me to stumble upon a few lovely restaurants  that I simply have to share with you in my next few posts. The abundance of excellent food around tiny Niseko  has always amazed me, so let me start by sharing a post about Maccarina.

Continue reading “MACCARINA”


Dry aged beef from the west

Tajimaya is a famous restaurant from Osaka well known for serving dried aged beef. Finally it opened a branch in tokyo at the Toranomon Hills some time ago. Continue reading “TAJIMAYA TORANOMON HILLS”


The name of this restaurant in Shimbashi might not suggest a Ramen place. Just in case some of you aren’t familiar with the term, ramen is a hot savory Japanese noodle soup dish that is considered an easy lunch or dinner in Japan. Continue reading “DUE ITALIAN”


Finally I got the chance to blog about my most favorite kaiseki restaurant in town, Kadowaki. This is actually my third visit to the restaurant but the first two were rather formal dinner invitations where taking pictures of my food and making notes probably would not have been appreciated. Continue reading “KADOWAKI”


Lunch at Japan’s Iron Chef Restaurant Rokusaburo Michiba

Kaishoku Michiba is another one of those old school restaurants, loved by the older generation, where iron chef Rokusaburo Michiba’s roast beef bowl is to die for. Continue reading “KAISHOKU MICHIBA”


If you happen to be looking for a nice lunch spot in the Yurakucho area, consider dropping by Mame-cha located on the 8th floor of the Lumine department store building. Its located under a cinema and relatively new on this floor. Continue reading “MAME-CHA”


Located in the middle of an upper class residential area, the street leading towards it dark except for the illuminated entrance, Kogentey is a welcomed oasis in the heart of Sakurashinmachi. Continue reading “KOGENTEY”


I guess no blog about food in Tokyo would be complete without writing about this celebrated sushi place. Ever since David Gelb’s documentary film “Jiro Dreams of Sushi ” was released in 2011, the hype of this Michelin 3 star establishment hit a global high resulting in more foreign visitors than local. Continue reading “SUKIYABASHI JIRO”

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